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  1. JJI-509

JJI incompatibility with ScriptRunner scriptedFields


    • Type: Bug
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    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects versions: server-3.4.0
    • Fix versions: None
    • Components: Server
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      JIRA 7.12.1, ScriptRunner 5.4.30
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      We are using Jira since long time with ScriptRunner plugin (https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/6820/scriptrunner-for-jira?hosting=server&tab=overview)

      and Tempo plugin (https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/6572/tempo-timesheets?hosting=server&tab=overview).

      Some days ago we installed JJI.

      After installing JJI we realized that some scripted fields of ScriptRunner plugin which query tempo account category fields contained wrong values. Running a non-exclusive reindex in Jira showed the values to come back and then suddenly vanish again while the reindex still running.

      We added some debugging to the script code and got the following log:

      2018-10-16 12:23:53,689 JiraTaskExectionThread-14 DEBUG krause 724x63328x1 1pdzu37 ::ffff:, /secure/admin/jira/IndexReIndex.jspa [c.o.scriptrunner.customfield.GroovyCustomField] ASBO-120 - category ok
      2018-10-16 12:23:53,729 JenkinsSynchronizerExecutorServiceThread:thread-2 DEBUG anonymous 694x60994x3 - ::ffff:, /rest/jenkins/latest/build/205df6c8cc74e1970c9bc96afe1c0a649d2f935e [c.o.scriptrunner.customfield.GroovyCustomField] ANDROID-1078 / Produkt Android / null
      2018-10-16 12:23:53,775 JiraTaskExectionThread-14 DEBUG krause 724x63328x1 1pdzu37 ::ffff:, /secure/admin/jira/IndexReIndex.jspa [c.o.scriptrunner.customfield.GroovyCustomField] EPO-1650 - category  ok
      2018-10-16 12:23:54,141 JiraTaskExectionThread-14 DEBUG krause 724x63328x1 1pdzu37 ::ffff:, /secure/admin/jira/IndexReIndex.jspa [c.o.scriptrunner.customfield.GroovyCustomField] BKBO-889 - category ok
      2018-10-16 12:23:54,168 JenkinsSynchronizerExecutorServiceThread:thread-2 DEBUG anonymous 694x60994x3 - ::ffff:, /rest/jenkins/latest/build/205df6c8cc74e1970c9bc96afe1c0a649d2f935e [c.o.scriptrunner.customfield.GroovyCustomField] ANDROID-562 / Produkt Android / null
      2018-10-16 12:23:54,241 JiraTaskExectionThread-14 DEBUG krause 724x63328x1 1pdzu37 ::ffff:, /secure/admin/jira/IndexReIndex.jspa [c.o.scriptrunner.customfield.GroovyCustomField] BKBO-888 - category ok
      2018-10-16 12:23:54,855 JiraTaskExectionThread-14 DEBUG krause 724x63328x1 1pdzu37 ::ffff:, /secure/admin/jira/IndexReIndex.jspa [c.o.scriptrunner.customfield.GroovyCustomField] BKSAAS-192 - category ok
      2018-10-16 12:23:54,876 JenkinsSynchronizerExecutorServiceThread:thread-2 DEBUG anonymous 694x60994x3 - ::ffff:, /rest/jenkins/latest/build/205df6c8cc74e1970c9bc96afe1c0a649d2f935e [c.o.scriptrunner.customfield.GroovyCustomField] ANDROID-583 / Produkt Android / null

      The lines with "category ok" show valid values while lines with "null" at the end show missing values.

      Surprisingly the logging come from the different threads JiraTaskExectionThread and JenkinsSynchronizerExecutorServiceThread. While the first finds right values the second always return null.

      The name JenkinsSynchronizerExecutorServiceThread led me to JJI. I deactivated the JJI plugin and run the reindex again. Now everything is fine.

      The same when working with Jira all the day. With enabled JJI the values get lost, without JJI everything stays fine.

      So it looks like the JJI plugin breaks the ScriptRunner scriptedFields. 




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