Jenkins Integration menu section not showing after installation in Jira Cloud


Sometimes it can happen that the administration menu (on the left hand side of the screen) in Jira Cloud doesn't render the Jenkins Integration links after the add-on is installed. Unfortunately Marvelution has no control over this, other then specifying where the menu items need to go.

Atlassian came through with an analysis of the cause that the links where MIA after the installation of the Jenkins Integration for Jira Cloud app.
As it turns out, only Jira cloud instances that only contain Jira Software are affected by this. This if also the reason I was not able to reproduce this on my development instance which contains all Jira sorts.

For some reason apps cannot add sections to the Application section when its just a single sort of Jira.

The Jenkins Integration section has been moved to the Apps section (under the Atlassian Marketplace section).


There two way to can try to get the links redering correctly:

  1. Navigate to Jira SettingsApps > Jira Software Configuration, this page is located in the same administrative section as the Jenkins Integration pages.  This should render the section labeled Jenkins Integration, and with it the menu items Configuration and System Errors after the page is loaded.
  2. Navigate directly to the Jenkins Integration Configuration page using this URL: after the page is loaded you should also see the Jenkins Integration menu on the left hand side.

If not, then consider opening a support ticket.