Unable to Synchronize or Delete Jenkins sites after upgrading the add-on


Existing Jenkins sites can no longer be synchronized or deleted after upgrading to version 2.3.4 of the add-on.

  • When attempting to synchronize a site, a warning message is displayed "Unable  to update the synchronization status for 'site name'."
  • When trying to delete the site an error message is displayed "Unable to delete site 'site name'."

New sites added are not effected.

Root Cause

The root cause lies in the a bug in the way the cache is used to hold synchronization status of different Jenkins sites and jobs.  JJI-393 Getting issue details... STATUS  has been filed to address the root cause.


A workaround to this problem is to restart Jira, in case of a cluster it may require all nodes are restarted, to clear the cache. After the restart problems detailed above should be resolved.

In the mean time, priority has been given to  JJI-393 Getting issue details... STATUS  to get a proper solution release as soon as possible.